The person with the most correct predictions after 64 games wins N50,000. Second place receives N25,000 while third place receives N10,000.
How to play

Step 1 – Buy Airtime and Pay Bill anytime within 72 hours to a game.

Step 2 – Predict the score of the game with your transaction ID with the hashtag  e.g. Portugal 2 vs England 1, TRN8P

Competition Rules
  1. Only the first five predictions will be chosen for every game.
  2. You cannot use a transaction ID more than once.
  3. You can only use a transaction ID for a transaction made within 72 hours to a game to make a prediction.
  4. Multiple predictions get you disqualified.
  5. Winners would be messaged privately
  6. Use the hashtag #pagafootballcommunity to tag your tweets on social media so we can locate you.