Nigerians growing their business faster by joining the Paga Agent Network for FREE

Paga Agent, Mr. Adeyemi & Paga CEO, Tayo Oviosu

In 2009, we launched the Paga Agent Network. A financial network that allows retail entrepreneurs and MSMEs offer financial services such as money transfer, bank deposits, and bill payments through Paga’s platform and in return earn substantial commissions.

Paga Agent Network has played a vital role in the growth of SMEs and the transformation of lives in Nigeria, particularly in light of the current economic situation. Paga is taking one step further in delivering financial services by giving all Nigerians the opportunity to become a member of the Agent Network for FREE.

Every great success starts with a big vision. At Paga, we are constantly focused on building a premier, world-class payment platform that truly empowers businesses and creates immense value for ordinary citizens who are desirous of making payments without hassles. We view our agents not only as partners but as the fulcrum of our business which explains the high premium we place on them. — Arike Okunowo, General Manager -Agent Network Sales, Paga.

Between 2008 and 2017, we’ve rolled out 12,000 mobile money agents nationwide. Compared to the 5,358 branches of all banks in Nigeria combined, the Paga Agent Network is the most successful and largest financial services point.

The benefits of being a Paga Agent are ever-growing; from earning substantial commission, business support services, quality branding for more visibility, periodic loyalty rewards and truly bringing banking services into local and sometimes hard to reach communities.

A Paga Agent, Mr Adeyemi, expressed his satisfaction being a part of the network.

Paga Agent, Mr. Adeyemi & Paga CEO, Tayo Oviosu

“Paga has helped me solve problems for people in my community. I help them pay their bills and send money to their people around Nigeria. One of my major customers is an okada rider who has his family in the North. He comes to my outlet to send money to his family for feeding and upkeep. I also provide for my family with the income I make from transacting for Paga. Presently, I have an average of 50 people coming in my store daily to perform transactions on Paga.”

High transacting Agents earn over N300,000 monthly from Paga.

Paga Agent, Mr. Adeyemi & Paga CEO, Tayo Oviosu

Trusted Nigerian business owners can join the Paga Agent Network for FREE. All it takes is having a valid and visible business.

Our Agent Network wants YOU! Join for FREE by signing up with your phone number here.

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