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How Payments Have Evolved Over Time Over the years, we have witnessed how payment methods have evolved from one form to another. Centuries ago people used to trade by barter, then we moved to lining up at huge warehouses and (later) shopping malls. These days, payments are made via smartphones, with particular emphasis on online […]
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Paga’s use of ultrasonic authentication will deliver a market-leading contactless solution across its 33,000 merchants and 19M users Lagos, Nigeria – November 17, 2021 – Paga Group, a leading payment, and financial service company has inked a partnership with LISNR the global leader in proximity verification, to enable contactless ultrasonic authentication as it expands its recently […]
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We know, we were curious too… Until we took time to watch the game again, and break it down in bits. It probably sounds very cliche, like, Monday-morning-on-LinkedIn kind of cliche to try drawing out life lessons from a 90-minute game of football, but the truth is that we learned a number of things from […]
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Steps for KYC 1 upgrade KYC simply means: Know Your Customer It is a government regulation that requires that financial institutions must obtain adequate information of its customers to enable them to have a robust overview of their activities. Financial institutions are expected to record some Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of its users and examples of […]