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In today’s world that moves at a really fast pace, ease and convenience are the watchwords for many consumers. People seeking to purchase a product or use a service will move on to the next business if they cannot be assured that their needs will be met at the push of a button. Time is expensive, and no one wants to lose valuable minutes trying to sort out processes that can (and should) be wrapped up at a snap of the fingers.

For financial transactions, in particular, people want to know that they can trust service providers to deliver. They want to be reassured that payments can be done conveniently, that transactions can be concluded speedily, and more importantly, that their money is safe. No one wants to be at the mercy of customer service operatives or helplines just to sort out one process, or to try getting their money back after a failed service.

Unpacking Paga’s “Making Life Possible” Brand Campaign

Paga, the leading payment solutions provider in Nigeria, has committed itself to simplifying financial transactions for millions of Nigeria. Thanks to the platform, it’s a lot easier to send money, receive money, pay bills, invest and even schedule payments. Paga is widely regarded as Nigeria’s biggest mobile payments fintech company, and according to projections by industry experts, it may reach a valuation of at least $ 1 billion by 2023.

Paga’s recently-launched campaign, tagged “Making Life Possible”, is predicated on the philosophy of navigating life on your own terms and making the most important decisions at your desired pace. It also emphasises the endless possibilities that abound when you sign up with a progressive, innovative and inclusive financial solutions provider.

Five Ways Through Which You Can Make Life Possible With Paga

Paga is widely regarded as the largest distribution network for financial services in Nigeria through its nationwide agent network – mom-and-pop stores, pharmacies, and grocery stores – where people can get access to financial services. Here are five ways through which Paga aids you in actualising your dreams, as well as the dreams of others:

1. The JustPagaMe service:

JustPagaMe allows you to enjoy a quick and easy way to send and receive money. With a unique JustPagaMe link, you can request money from family and friends. Your customized justpaga.me link is shareable everywhere and to anyone instantly. You can share your link via chats, on social media, SMS, emails and from the Paga app. 

Setting up your unique JustPagaMe link is easy. All you have to do is:

We’ve made it even easier for you and all our customers to pay and get paid, thanks to “JustPaga.me!”

  • The link is already set up on your Paga account.
  • If yours isn’t set up, you can use JustPaga.me Paga account number.
  • Easily share the link with family and friends.

What’s more amazing about this is that anyone with a Nigerian bank account can also use JustPaga.me/any bank account number.

2. Becoming A Paga Agent:

When you sign up as a Paga agent, you get paid for helping customers
to pay bills, buy airtime and data, make deposits, withdraw money, or open a Paga account. There are no hidden charges when you work for us as an agent, and high performances are always rewarded with bonuses.

3. Becoming a Merchant(Doroki):

If you are a business owner looking to accept payments online, disburse cash or simply grow your sales, Doroki provides a convenient solution to achieve your business goals. From inventory management to payment collection, whether you sell online or in-person, we have the tools you need to succeed.

4. Multiple Payment Options:

Paga allows users to pay utility bills, purchase prepaid airtime, pay for subscription services as well as internet bundles, and make payments to retailers. You can sort out your cable TV, internet subscription and electricity bills with Paga’s smooth bill payment service. The platform currently caters to payments for DStv, GOtv, Smile, and Spectranet.

5. Becoming A Developer:

Whether you are building web or mobile applications, our API libraries
enable you to integrate payments in your applications within minutes. Our guides, tutorials and documentation are available to lead you every step of the way. Our tools will enable you build platforms that are able to process financial transactions seamlessly.


Paga was founded on the simple belief that digital technology can be leveraged in building an ecosystem that enables people to digitally send and receive money and offer simple financial access for everyone. The platform aims to accomplish its purpose by launching its services in various emerging markets and partnering with relevant financial institutions to deliver its services.

Paga offers a range of services such as free money transfers, deposits to bank accounts, buying/sending of airtime, bill payments, remittances, bulk disbursements & collections that are accessible via its online channels and on any basic mobile phone via dialing *242#. If this does not translate to prioritizing the interests of its customer base and leaving its users spoilt for choice, then what else does?


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