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7 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Online Business in 2022 – Paga Pro Tips

Whether your online business supplemented your physical operation or is the only way you interact with clients, customers, or supporters, increasing traffic to your platform is critical. But not just any traffic; quality traffic is the kind that adds value to your offering.

Here are seven strategies for increasing traffic and sales leads:

  1. Start a business blog; it’s a surefire way to success. Businesses that blog receive 55% more website visitors than those that do not.
  1. While news and trending topics can increase traffic temporarily, staying current takes a lot of effort. Evergreen content on topics of consistent interest to your audience is more trustworthy and lasts longer.
  1. Master the art of headline writing because compelling blog headlines increase traffic by 500%.
  1. Use guest authors to diversify your content, which will invariably be shared with their followers and contacts, resulting in new audiences discovering and reading more of your site.
  1. Use design tools for pie and bar charts, as well as free photo libraries, to brighten up your page and pique people’s interest.
  1. Incorporate video into your article content. It’s especially effective with younger audiences, but keep them brief – preferably under a minute – you’re not Steven Spielberg!
  1. So you have the content, but how do you get people to know about it? You need a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy if you want the 71% of searchers who use Google’s first page to find something to find you.

All of the above will assist you in increasing traffic. Equally important is ‘right’ traffic, also known as ‘quality’ traffic. Quality traffic is not only looking for you but is also willing to pay for whatever you’re selling – a product or service. There are numerous methods to investigate and implement, but one quick and simple one is to optimise your free Google Business profile. People searching for you, or simply passing by, will notice that your business appears professional and is open for business.

There are some things to avoid, such as using instant website traffic generators (for starters, it will not generate that quality traffic) and thinking about what irritates you about other blogs or websites (perhaps annoying cheesy pop-ups?) and avoiding them as well.

So you’re now driving high-quality traffic to your website. How do you convert that interest into sales that are simple enough to complete quickly and reliably? This is where Paga’s expanding range of services can assist.

Paga, founded in 2009, is an emerging markets payments company that is well-positioned to provide the functionality that websites require to manage and process online financial transactions. Paga can go further than traditional online merchants because it empowers all customers who do not have bank accounts or credit cards.

Paga eliminates the use of cash and provides access to finance to 17 million users, making it Nigeria’s largest online payment provider. Its seller services include online and payment processing. Individual customers can use it to send and receive money, make purchases, and much more.

So get your online presence up and running, grow your quality customers, and then leave the rest to Paga!

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