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Tips for a Better & Safer Shopping Experience in 2022

Modern Shopping As It Currently Obtains On A Global Scale

In the past couple of years, there has been a major shift in the retail landscape. If you observe the shopping patterns in many countries around the world, you will find out that people are now more inclined to make more purchases online than in physical stores. As we look to the future, younger millennials are even more likely to shop online than older ones.

People are rapidly jumping on the ecommerce bandwagon, and not without good reason. E-commerce provides convenience and efficiency to the shopping experience and enables shoppers to research, examine reviews, compare prices, and make purchases at all hours of the day. People are increasingly using mobile devices to not only purchase items, but also to research and compare prices.

How You Can Achieve A Safer And More Enjoyable Shopping Experience

Shopping has evolved in leaps and bounds, but this has not come without its drawbacks. Online shopping fraud and identity theft cases are rising every year. While hackers and fraudsters are polishing new techniques, many online shoppers are still unaware of simple safe online shopping rules. 

Here are some tips that can help you stay alert and avoid falling prey to online fraudsters:

1.      Make sure you’re visiting a legitimate online store: Before entering any personal information to complete your purchase, check to make sure you’re on the right online store. There are a lot of opportunities for hackers and scammers to redirect you to the wrong website.

2.      Scrutinise email links before clicking: Another technique scammers might use to get your account information is phishing. It’s a very popular and effective way to hack someone by using carefully crafted emails. They will usually offer you discounts or offers that are too hard to resist. Before you click on any email link, be sure of who the sender is, where the link leads to, and the nature of the information required of you.

3.      Never use Public WiFi to make online purchases: Public Wi-Fi is the perfect place for scammers and hackers to do their work. These networks feature poor security and can be scanned by hackers looking for weak connections. Public computers are also highly insecure.

4.      Keep your browser updated: Your browser is what takes you from one online shop to another. Therefore it’s important to keep it updated and upgraded with the best security and privacy extensions. It will protect your personal information from leaking.

5.      Beware of deals that are ridiculously cheap: If an offer looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Compare prices before you buy. Unusually low prices could be a red flag that you’ve landed on a fake site that’s been set up to snag your personal information or steal your money.

How Paga Ensures That Users Conduct Their Online Shopping In Safe And Easy Fashion

Paga is easily Nigeria’s most trusted e-wallet. It acts as a mobile wallet where any user equipped with a mobile device can conduct financial transactions. It is easy to use, it is secure, and transactions are conducted speedily. Here are the ways through which Paga ensures that its customers enjoy convenient and safe shopping.

1.      Multiple Options: Paga allows users to pay utility bills, purchase prepaid airtime, pay for subscription services as well as internet bundles, and make payments to retailers. You can sort out your cable TV, internet subscription and electricity bills with Paga’s smooth bill payment service. The platform currently caters to payments for DStv, GOtv, Smile, and Spectranet.

2.      Recurring Payments: A recurring payment is designed to take away the burden of initiating a regular payment while ensuring you do not miss the payment. It is simple to set up. To do this: 

  •  Log into your Paga account
  • Select “recurring payments” from the list of services
  •  Create a new recurring payment
  • Select the service you want to create a recurring payment for
  • Fill out the details of the recipient/beneficiary
  • Set up the schedule and fill all required fields
  • Review the details and confirm the transaction.

3.    Safety: Paga also acts as a mobile wallet where any user equipped with a mobile device can conduct financial transactions. It is easy to use, it is secure, and transactions are conducted speedily. Paga boasts of the safest e-wallet when it comes to e-payment solutions in Nigeria: the platform’s my242 feature keeps your money safe and is designed with state-of-the-art security features accessed through your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your PIN helps provide protection against fraud and unauthorised access to your Paga account.Opening a Paga account is pretty easy. To get started, click here to download the Paga app on your device, then click on ‘Sign Up’, and follow the instructions from there.

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