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Thepeer and Paga’s Integration to Redefine Flexible Online Payments for Their Customers with the New Checkout Feature

Thepeer’s checkout API feature will allow Paga’s users to shop online and pay for anything from businesses available on Thepeer

Lagos, Nigeria, 4th April 2022: Thepeer, a technology company helping businesses allow their users to send money across other businesses, has partnered with leading mobile money company Paga, to offer their users an easier and better way to shop online. Paga is the latest business to integrate Thepeer’s checkout API on its platform.

This integration offers users a secure and less invasive way to participate in the digital economy. With Paga coming onboard Thepeer, over 19 million users are now enabled to pay the faster and easier way. All Paga and Eversend users leveraging this integration can shop on any website integrated with Thepeer and pay with either account. This makes payments more seamless for customers and easier for businesses.

Thepeer aims to build better relationships between businesses and their customers. With the checkout API, the customer’s experience at the checkout page of a website is a simple, secure, convenient, and fast experience. The checkout API is simple to integrate and easy to use for businesses on their website.

Paga+ Thepeer

Speaking about the latest integration on Thepeer, CEO Chike Ononye mentioned “The relationship between a business and their customer is of utmost importance to us at Thepeer and is one of the reasons we exist. What better way to create a better bond than allowing their customers to pay with more options for items at a checkout point. Paga’s customers can now be able to do this securely and without hassle”.

Paga’s Founder and CEO, Tayo Oviosu echoes a similar sentiment, “Making it simple for people to access and use their money is our purpose at Paga. Thepeer has integrated Paga’s robust infrastructure for one-click payments which simplifies online commerce.  This partnership means customers have another option for quick, secure, and easy payments via Thepeer checkout. You don’t need to give out your card or bank details, just use your Paga account. We are excited about this collaboration and the possibilities it’ll give our customers.”

Thepeer’s checkout API feature integration is live and can be used by new and existing customers.

About Thepeer Thepeer is a technology company that has created a quick way for people to send money across businesses easily. Customers of businesses get to carry out transactions, direct charges, recurring payments, and more from one business app to another, easily. Thepeer introduces you to a world of limitless possibilities by interacting with its software. Visit thepeer.co to get started.

About Paga

Paga is a payments and financial services ecosystem for Africa. Our focus is on helping both consumers and sellers pay, get paid, and access financial services. We do this directly and also through our Platform-as-a-Service which enables other 3rd Parties to leverage the deep infrastructure Paga has built to enable endless possibilities.

Visit Paga.com or Paga.dev to get started.

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Comments to: Thepeer and Paga’s Integration to Redefine Flexible Online Payments for Their Customers with the New Checkout Feature
  • April 4, 2022

    Can we use this service to pay for UK Visa services?

    • April 5, 2022

      Hello, thanks for reaching out. No, you can’t use this to pay for the UK Visa service.


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