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Paga Makes Payments Even Easier With Its Improved JustPaga.me Feature

To make transactions much simpler to perform, Paga has improved its JustPaga.me feature. The improvements mean you have a quick and easy way to receive payments. All you have to do is share your JustPaga.me link with your network to start receiving money.

Here are the details you should know:

  • The link is already set up for you with your Paga account.
  • If you’ve not set up the link, you can use JustPaga.me/your Paga account number.
  • Easily share the link with family and friends.
  • Anyone with a Nigerian bank account can also use  JustPaga.me/any bank account number.

You can share your justpaga.me/any bank account on any chat medium, giving them the option to pay you via Paga wallet, debit card, or bank transfer. Once the payment is made, you will receive an instant alert notifying you that you have received funds in your Paga wallet

To begin your journey to financial ease, begin using your Justpaga.me/any bank account number or Justpaga.me/Paga account number links.

Paga, the leading payment solutions provider in Nigeria, has committed itself to simplifying financial transactions for millions of Nigeria. Thanks to the platform, it’s a lot easier to send money, receive money, pay bills, invest and even schedule payments with just a touch of the button.

With Paga, users can pay utility bills, purchase prepaid airtime, pay for subscription services as well as internet bundles, and make payments to retailers. The platform also enables its users to receive money from outside the country via its e-wallet system.

Paga offers a range of services such as: free money transfers, deposit to bank accounts, buying/sending of airtime, bill payments, remittances, bulk disbursements & collections that are accessible via its online channels and on any basic mobile phone via dialing *242#. It is also the largest distribution network for financial services in Nigeria through its nationwide agent network – mom and pop stores, pharmacies, grocery stores – where people can get access to financial services. 

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