People matter! That simple fact is one we hold dear at Paga, and without them, there is no business.

So, we’re continuing the conversations with one of our people – Opeyemi ‘Ope’ Oyinloye, the General Manager, Customer Experience.  Ope tells us his favourite movie line and how he would love to be President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela for a day. Enjoy this fun chat with him!

  • What are three [3] words to describe Paga? 
    • Hmmm, this is easy because each day, I am reminded of how great, innovative, and inspiring Paga and the Paga People are.
  • Do you have any favourite line[s] from a movie?  
    • “But I can tell you this: he won’t sell anybody out to buy his future! And that, my friends, is called integrity! That’s called courage! Now that’s the stuff leaders should be made of” – Lt. Col. Frank Slade from Scent of a Woman.
  • What have you gained from working at Paga?
    • Paga has given me an opportunity to flourish. I enjoy what I do here daily. The satisfaction that comes with it is fulfilling. 
  • Are you messy or organised? 
    • Organised, I’d like to think.
  • What is your proudest moment at Paga?
    • It was listening to our agents happily share memorable experiences with our service.
  • Finally, if given a chance, who would you like to be for a day? 
    • President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela – I am fascinated by his doggedness and determination. I’d like to understand what kept him for those long 27 years.

Talking to Ope was so refreshing. We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed talking to him. See you next time when we bring you another edition of Paga Conversations with one more of our brilliant team members.

If you’re interested in working in an innovative and inspiring environment [Ope’s words], check us out here!

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