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Paga expands the scope of its financial solutions by new collaboration with Twitter

What do you get when the leading payment solutions platform in Nigeria joins forces with one of the biggest social networks and microblogging platforms in the world?

Yes, you guessed it, improved financial services, expansion in the range of services, and reaffirmation of a commitment to support small businesses and creatives.

Paga, one of Africa’s biggest fintech companies, has been added as a payment provider by Twitter for its Tips feature in Nigeria. What this means is that Twitter users can choose Paga as their payment provider of choice. It is a new method for people to send, and receive, money in Nigeria, and further simplifies payments for individuals, small businesses, and the creative community in Africa’s most populous nation.

Tips is a feature that lets users send and receive money through Twitter, by allowing them to add links to select third-party payment services to their profile. When you turn on Tips on your profile, people can support you by tapping on your Tips icon to send you money or Bitcoin off-platform via the third-party payment services and platforms you have added. Launched by Twitter in 2021, the Tips function makes it easier to support the people driving the conversation on Twitter – whether you want to support a content creator, help someone fundraise, tip someone who just needs some help, or thank someone for making you laugh. You must be at least 18 years old to use Tips, and because tipping occurs through third-party payment services, you must also ensure that your tips comply with the terms and policies of those services.

Paga’s inclusion expands the pathways via which people in Africa can be paid. It helps expand financial participation and furthers Paga’s mission of making payments simple for individuals and businesses. With the addition of Paga as a payment provider on Tips, people can now send funds to you via Paga when they go through your profile and click on the Tips function. Simply put, people can have money paid into their Paga accounts directly from Twitter.

This new function will be especially beneficial to creators who have their audiences on Twitter. Online vendors, content writers, web developers and graphic designers who frequently use Twitter can now get paid for their services when a client clicks on their profile and gets redirected to Paga by using the Tips function. This clearly illustrates Paga’s intention to enable creators monetise their craft, and ultimately create new ways to effectively conduct financial transactions.

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