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Romantic Ideas Your Partner Will Love this Valentine Season!

On February 14 of every year, the world commemorates Valentine’s Day to celebrate and acknowledge the essence of Love in all its forms. It is not necessarily a holiday on the grand scale of Christmas, but it is a day associated with colour, warmth, and cheer.

Valentine’s Day is usually associated with celebrating lovers, and this mood pervades the entire month of February. People go over and above to impress their significant other, working-class individuals close early from their day jobs (or even take the day off) to spend quality time with their lovers, and for gift vendors, it’s a really profitable season. Cakes, flowers, gift boxes, food palates, and rings (for those who plan to surprise their partners with wedding proposals) are usually in high demand at this time of the year.

Few things make Valentine’s Day better than spending it with the one you love, and going the extra mile to make them feel special. For those who find it hard thinking of fun and intimate activities to engage in when that day comes, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Lovebirds who love going outdoors can opt for romantic getaways to resorts like La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Inagbe Grand Resorts, Barracuda Beach Resort or Atican Beach Resort. They could also try out a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant like Shiro Restaurant and bar, Cilantro, Black Olive, or Churrasco. Introverted couples can stay indoors, snuggle under duvets and remind themselves of the high-octane nature of romance with movies like The Notebook, Me Before You, The Fault In Our Stars, Ghost, Royal Hibiscus Hotel, He’s Just Not That Into You, 500 Days Of Summer and Dear John, among others.

If you live in a busy city and you are a hopeless romantic, or you just want to capture the feel of love in the air, here are a few things you can do to keep up with the rainbows and butterflies that accompany the season:

  1. Visit The Beach: It’s always a great idea to visit the beach. You can plan an evening involving drinks and good food. Walk barefoot in the sand, let the sun hit your skin, and then take a cool bath (preferably together) afterward. These things help with bonding and also ease the mind on an individual scale.

2. Go Paintballing: This is one great experience everyone should definitely have. This experience has you acting out your own Hollywood action film, where you are Jason Statham or Tom Cruise. You handle a gun (albeit a non-lethal one), wear a camouflage outfit, and shoot at your friends. There are tons of paintball arenas in almost every major African city; Lagos has the Ultimate Arena in Lagos, Ibadan has a paintball spot in Agodi Garden, and Abuja has Bush Fighters PaintBalling in Central Park Abuja.

If shooting at your friends — or strangers — sounds like fun to you, then you should work towards doing this.

3. Go To The Spa With Your Partner: Going to the spa isn’t for women alone. Interestingly, this is one of the best ways to relax and chill with your partner after a busy week. Get that body massage, partake in Yoga activities together if available, and see how this quickly helps you bond with your partner on an entirely different level. If you want to go the extra length, you can take manicure and pedicure treatments as a couple. In fact, you can take a bubble bath together with scented candles and a bottle of champagne.

A day in the spa won’t necessarily dig a hole in your pocket; there are a number of cost-effective spas out there begging for your patronage. You can even call for home service and some of the country’s finest masseurs will work those joints of yours. So, get to it; few things are more exciting than a relaxing evening with that one person you love most in the world.

4. Enjoy A Romantic Dinner Together: Sometimes, we fall out of love because we fail to do all the beautiful things we did at the start of a relationship. Dinners aren’t just for special occasions; they should be a regular feature in your shared life together. Spice things up this weekend by planning a dinner with boo of life. Get dressed, wear your most expensive perfume, and act like you are trying to win your lover’s heart once again. Book a table at an exquisite restaurant with candles and the complete works, talk about how it all started, fall in love all over again. Best if you spring it up as a surprise.

5. Plan A Getaway Weekend: A getaway weekend is a popular option among Nigerian couples, but its popularity doesn’t make it less enjoyable. There are tons of serviced apartments around the country, all located in strategic locations. Be sure to pick a location that has fun activities you’d like to engage in as a couple. It could be close to a cinema, an amusement park, a resort center, a club, or even a beach.

Coasting To A Seamless Valentine Celebration With Paga

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