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Paga Spotlight – An Interview With Adedayo Oyebode

What does making life possible mean to us?

How do we know when we have done so?

Seeing the tweet from @saymadiba (Oyebode Adedayo Raphael) was an affirmation. We needed to know more, so we reached out to him.

Raphael is from Osun state and a graduate of Estate management and valuation. Last year, he started managing a logistics company for some people, after failed attempts to secure a good job and failed attempts to obtain a loan for a business. Even though it hasn’t been so easy due to government regulations and other factors that have hindered growth, he looks forward to starting and owning his own logistics business soon. 

He also organizes events and throws parties as a means to make money to cater for himself while at school. So aside from managing the logistics business, he handles PR jobs and social media marketing for Creatives at little or no cost via his social media page. He also has a creative management company registered with some friends awaiting launch due to finances. He has a desire to build a community of successful Creatives and artisans from the slum of Nigeria. He said and I quote “People helped me achieve the little I have, I want to start giving back now even though I’m yet to be at the level to do most of the things I have planned out.”

Talking about his experience with Paga he said, “I was working at a cleaning company to save up money for my HND then. At some point, I was already getting tired of the job due to certain clients’ attitudes not until I got posted to Paga. As a young person, seeing some young individuals in that setting was inspiring. Aside from that, it was the way almost everyone I had interaction with at Paga treated us like we are equal. Not once was I disrespected by any of the staff there, rather, I walked into the office every day and left a much happier person due to certain interactions with some of the staff.


It’s our company’s policy not to get too familiar with clients but there is a particular person called “Jay”, he rarely came to where we are situated but whenever he does, he lifts everyone’s spirit, asks us about plans for school and repeatedly tells us how important Nigerian organizations rate certificate and skills. He was always asking me about school, family and he will always tell me not to use my family situation as an excuse not to achieve my aim. My conversation with him almost every day pushed me to further my education, he told me how many doors my furthering my education will open for me and he was right. He remains the nicest person I’ve met. I wished I broke company rules and got closer against all odds. I’m really not a good storyteller but trust me, my short stint raised my confidence, self-esteem and made me aim higher”.

After his stint at Paga, he went back to complete his HND and became the departmental president, set up up two socio-academic clubs and influenced others to believe so much in their ability to turn things around. 

Remember the questions I asked earlier? This is what making life possible looks like to us. Everything from how the staff engage, to the ease of transactions on the platform contributes to bringing our brand essence to life.

To patronise him call 09029026193.

IG: undulates_connect

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