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Best Gifts to get your other half this Holiday Season

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us!

It’s Christmas, the season that is associated with giving, sharing, spending quality time with friends and loved ones, taking stock of the year, and basically winding down. Schools and offices close for the year, the streets are decorated with red ribbons and bright lights, and the atmosphere is generally a warm, merry one.

Christmas is synonymous with gifts, which is why the next day (known as Boxing Day) is dedicated to the unwrapping of presents. Working-class individuals travel from the big cities to their hometowns with gifts for their relatives, hampers find their way across offices left and right, and in some organisations, colleagues are paired to exchange gifts with one another. That’s how major the concept of giving is, when it comes to the festive season.

For those in romantic relationships, it’s only fair that your significant other expects gifts from you at this time of the year. They may or may not expressly state it, but they will be expecting, and if for any reason you don’t show up, they have every right to feel a little disappointed.

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to think of the best gift for the one you love: after all, you don’t read minds. You don’t necessarily have to break the bank, but it’s important to show thoughtfulness. Here are a few gifts that you can get your significant other this holiday season:

1.    Music Concert Tickets: If your partner loves music, especially Nigerian music, one way you can show that you think of them all the time is by getting them a ticket to one of the many concerts scheduled for the final weeks of the year. Whether it’s Burna Boy’s The Live Experience, Patoranking’s Big Name Concert or Vibes On The Beach with Wizkid, your other half will definitely be grateful if you make it easier for them to experience their favourite artiste, live in the flesh.

2.    Movie Tickets: The holiday season is about spending quality time, and nothing beats bonding over a good movie with your significant other. Sure enough, there is Netflix at home, but there is that extra feel that comes with the IMAX experience at cinemas. Per usual, there is an interesting lineup of local and foreign movies this festive season, from Kayode Kasum’s Soole to AY Makun’s Christmas In Miami and Marvel’s Spiderman: No Way Home.

3.    Thoughtful Gift Items: If you are aware of something that your partner has been wanting to get or seems to be in need of, either because they have hinted at it in the past or you just feel that it would look good on them, you could surprise them this holiday season by getting that item. It could be something as simple as a brown pair of shoes to fit that brown belt, or a year-long subscription to the New York Times if they love reading, or an additional tripod if they are into photography. They will take note of your thoughtfulness, and they will always cherish you for it.

4.    Gift Vouchers: Sometimes, people prefer “blank cheques” to being presented with specific gift items. Instead of thinking endlessly about what gift to get your loved one, you could give them a voucher and let them decide what they want. This makes it easier to give them something they’ll appreciate.

5.    Gift Baskets: Gift baskets are becoming a new way of presenting gifts, especially when you can conveniently afford them. If you are capable of doing this, go ahead. Many supermarkets, including Spar and Lekki Gift Store, are ready to sell to you their gift baskets containing a variety of appreciable things.

6.    A Unique Outdoor Experience: The perfect holiday gift would have been a vacation in the Malidives, but no thanks to travel restrictions caused by the Omicron variant of COVID-19, it has become more difficult to move out of the country. However, you can still treat your lover to a unique outdoor experience: you could take them go-karting, paintballing, hiking (if they’ve got the legs for it) or experiencing nature in places like the Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos. It may not be the same as Cancun or the Bahamas, but it would be enjoyable nonetheless with many moments to capture, and it would be a lot better than just staying indoors.

7.    Buying Stocks or Shares: Spending money on your partner is good, but even better is helping them make more money and setting them on the path to financial freedom. Buying shares in the name of your significant other, and helping them trade on the stock market, is an underrated romantic gesture. To quote Davido, “love is sweet, but when money enter, love is sweeter.” It’s fun when you are both winning and earning more money together.

You can find out more about investing on behalf of your other half by checking the wealth.ng platform powered by Paga. Wealth.ng provides guidance on investment opportunities, stocks and exchange rates.

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