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Best Scary Nollywood Films To Watch This Halloween

From Horror Nollywood classics like ‘End Of The Wicked’ to cult favourites like ‘Living In Bondage’, we guarantee you’ll find good options in our halloween watch list.

Around the world, October 31 is a day set aside to celebrate what is popularly known as Halloween. While its origins are unclear – some say it’s a Christian celebration meant to honour the dead, while others argue that it’s a pagan holiday that was “Christianized” in later centuries – one fact that is clear is the way it is celebrated. Halloween usually involves costume parties, lighting bonfires, divination games and playing pranks, especially the one known as trick-or-treat.

Beyond the outrageous costumes and the mischief, one remarkable feature of any Halloween celebration is the horror films that people get to watch. Over the decades, people have been fascinated with scary movies, primarily because of the thrill factor, the adrenaline rush, and the fear that they evoke. Hollywood is famed for its horror films, and frequently churns out scary films that cater to a dedicated fanbase. There is a reason why people trooped to the cinemas to see The Omen, Rosemary’s Baby, Poltergeist, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The Haunting, Blair Witch, and Chucky. In more recent years, people have raved about A Quiet Place, The Nun, Get Out, Bird Box, Us, Stranger Things, and Lovecraft County.

In the past, Halloween wasn’t particularly regarded as a celebration worthy of note in Nigeria, but in recent years, it is slowly catching on, thanks to the influence of social media. In urban areas, people get to wear Halloween costumes, throw slumber parties, and for those who are daring enough, grab popcorns and sit indoors to watch horror films.

Top Nollywood Scary Movies on Netflix

Nollywood has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, and within a short period of time, the industry has racked up a good number of scary movies that blend perfectly into the Halloween theme. Here are some Nigerian movies on Netflix that have the capacity to give you goosebumps, and probably make you scream:

  1. Mystic River
    Produced by Rogers Ofime and directed by Uzodinma Okpechi , Mystic River is a 26-episode long Nigerian horror series. In a remote village where pregnant women have been vanishing for years, a pregnant doctor finds herself extremely close to uncovering the truth. The series features Jide Kosoko, Dele Odule, and Lota Chukwu, among others.
  2. Sylvia
    Directed by Daniel Oriahi, this movie tells the story of a man who has a relationship with a spirit lover, whom he communicates with in his dreams, but when he decides to end the relationship and marry a real woman, the spirit assumes a human form and proceeds to make his life miserable. It stars Chris Attoh, Zainab Balogun and Indima Okojie.
  3. Living In Bondage: Breaking Free
    This 2019 Nigerian supernatural thriller is a sequel of the 1992 original. Directed by Ramsey Nouah, the movie, focuses on themes of the occult and money ritual practices.  It follows the story of a young man who faces a crisis when his ambitions draw him deep into the occult. 
  4. Tatu
    Tatu is a 2017 Nigerian suspense movie directed by Don Omope.  Doubting her future as a nun, a woman attempts to have a child, triggering a mystic tribal prophecy that could force her to make a godly sacrifice.

5.  The Figurine: Araromire

The Figurine is a 2009 Nigerian supernatural thriller directed by Kunle Afolayan. Starring Ramsey Nouah and Omoni Oboli, it follows the story of two young friends who find a figurine in an abandoned forest. The figurine is that of the goddess Araromire which is said to bestow 7 years of good luck to its holder, followed by another 7 years of bad luck.

Nollywood Scary Films On YouTube

Long before Netflix started buying the rights to Nigerian movies, and even before we started seeing Nollywood films on DSTV, we have had our fair share of scary movies that had us scurrying to the bedrooms, and on some occasions, gave us nightmares. In the 1990s and early 2000s, films like Diamond Ring, Karashika, Sakobi The Snake Girl, Blood Money, Captives, End of the Wicked, Evil Men, Ultimate Power, Witches, After School Hours and Just A Night, among others, gave us the chills and made us scared of the dark while we were growing up. At the time of their release, these films were primarily available on video cassettes. VHS players are no longer a thing, as everyone has moved on to streaming services, but you can still watch these old movies on YouTube.

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