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Fastest Way To Request Money From Your Parents And Friends | Paga

Introduce your parents and friends to Paga, the fastest, safest e-wallet in Nigeria. Request pocket money from your parents in a few seconds with just a phone number.

Imagine those awkward moments of numerous “how are you’s”, “Daddy I love”, “Bobo remember your sister”, “you know I am your girl”, “ don’t forget me”, and “Abeg just 2K” or those moments of “guy Abeg send my 10k, I never chop”, “Bisi, you are yet to contribute your ajoor”, “please send me money for data” and lots more. We know how all instances can be daunting, oftentimes awkward and definitely challenging. What if we tell you we can minimize those awkward moments, with Paga request money feature.

Paga is a mobile payment company with the core focus of allowing people to send and receive money through a Paga E-wallet. Paga has one of the safest and fastest e-wallets in Nigeria,with its next gen scaleable, omni-channel technology and open APIs, we have been able to build a comprehensive product ecosystem for individuals and sellers alike. With numerous features like free money transfers, deposit to bank accounts, buying/sending of airtime, bill payments, remittances, bulk disbursements & collections that are accessible via its online channels (web/app) and on any basic mobile phone via dialing *242# Paga has been able to successfully grow over the years. With additions like shortcuts, request money amongst others which are geared at making user experience more enjoyable, Paga keeps on growing and retaining market dominance.

Growing up without mobile banking, I certainly learned some valuable lessons about money management. Many of the millennial generation went through school without a Paga E-wallet and looking back on it; we don’t know how we did it. 

Now with the Paga app, when you are more cashless than you care to admit and need a small, medium or massive top up from your friends and family Paga has got your back. Whether you’re asking a friend for cash or your parents for pocket money, ‘justpaga.me’ is what you have been missing. 

With Paga, all money is Mobile money; It’s as simple as entering your sender’s phone number or email address and the amount you require (They can add extra, don’t worry!). Then, instructions are sent instantaneously to your sender of choice through text or email. If they accept the request, they will only have to confirm their bank account details to move onto the next step. After that, we’ll send further instructions on how to complete the transfer. Every stage of the process is instant, so you don’t and should never have to wait for extra cash! 

Would you like to request cash using Paga? We think so!  

Here is how to get started:

How to open a Paga account?

1. Go to the Google Play or IOS store on your device, download the Paga app, click on ‘Sign Up’, and follow the instructions from there. 

2. Visit http://www.mypaga.com and click the “Get Started” button in the top right of the screen.

3. Visit any Paga Agent & provide your First name, Surname, and Phone number.

4. Dial *242# on your phone and follow the instructions to register.

What is Request Money?

This service allows a Paga user to request money from anyone by sending a request to either a phone or email address. 

How do I request money through Paga?

Simply follow the below steps to request money;

1. Log in to your App

2. On the dashboard, click on “Request Money.”

3. Insert name, phone number, email, username or Paga account number. Alternatively, select a name from the list of contact

4. Insert the amount

5. Click on Next

6. Click to add a note (optional)

7. Click on “Request Money” to complete the process 

Can I request money from a non-Paga user?

Yes. With an email address or phone number, you can request money from anyone. Paga users can make payments through their Paga wallet, while non-Paga users can directly use either their ATM/debit cards or bank accounts.

How does the Money Transfer feature work?

The Money Transfer feature leverages the power of secure payment codes to receive payments from any bank in Nigeria. Paga Merchants can request these secure payment codes by putting in an amount and tapping “Money Transfer”. The customer will treat the payment code as an account number and transfer the requested amount to it.

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