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Comparing Paga e-Wallet with Cash on Delivery (COD) | Paga

Cash on delivery is the most common payment option in Nigeria, but it comes with a lot of shortcomings. Read this article to see how an e-wallet can help you save time and money everyday.

Paga is a Nigeria-based digital wallet that allows users to pay bills and transfer money through their Phone, Email, and Online payment app. We will be comparing Nigeria’s fastest and Safest E-wallet (Paga) to cash on delivery. Paga’s E-wallet and mobile banking as a collective may present itself to some as another overzealous youthful idea, trying to correct things (COD) that work perfectly fine. In many respects, they would be right. Cash is not merely a relic because of its age (40,000 years!!); there have been innumerable currencies and evolutions of cash. 

Just as the Chinese took the world into a new age around 700 B.C., by innovating paper currency instead of coins, Paga’s E-Wallet can take you into a new generation in 2021 through mobile money. The natural and necessary evolution of payment! You gain all the benefits of cash on delivery without the hassle. Everyone recognises the frustration of having to withdraw some money when you’re running late. So why not pay without it at all? With Paga transferring and requesting money is seamless. We give you the speed of cash transactions with the convenience of a Paga E-wallet. 

How many coins and notes have you lost over the years? If you are anything like me, a fortune worth when collated. How do you lose mobile money? YOU DON’T! With Paga’s E-wallet, never misplace a dime again. Through rain, snow, or disaster Paga has got you and your money safe and secure. Your money is protected even if you lose your gadgets and devices. All you need is a Mobile phone number, even if you are not an existing carrier’s customer. 

You can transfer money through our mobile app, the web, or your personalised payment code. All you must do is Enter your beneficiary’s phone number or email address and the amount you want to send. Confirm the details, and your beneficiary will get an instant alert via text message or email. The whole process is quick, easy and FREE; there is no transfer, no convenience charge, and no hidden charges. With Paga, send money any time anywhere! 

If you are on the delivery end of cash on delivery, do not worry; Paga has got you too. With Paga’s E-Wallet, receiving money is as easy as spending it. With our new feature, ‘Justpaga.me’, you get your personalised link. So, share It with anyone, sit back, relax, and enjoy your money. 

Receiving high values of cash in person is undoubtedly dangerous; let Paga help you! Mobile money keeps you and your money away from danger. There is no limit to how much you can carry when your cash is mobile! There are enough dangers and difficulties in life already; lean on Paga, so you have time for the essential things.

Here is how to get started with Paga:

How to open a Paga account?

1. Go to the Google Play or IOS store on your device, download the Paga app, click on

‘Sign Up’, and follow the instructions from there. 

2. Visit http://www.mypaga.com and click the “Get Started” button in the top right of the screen.

3. Visit any Paga Agent & provide your First name, Surname, and Phone number.

4. Dial *242# on your phone and follow the instructions to register.

Does Paga know my PIN, is it secure?

No. Paga does not know your PIN. Your PIN is created by you and should be known by only you. Paga will never ask you for verbal or written authentication of your PIN. This information is encrypted and blocked from viewing by anyone, including Paga employees.

What is send money?

It’s a service that allows a user to send money to any Nigerian phone number, email address, or existing number registered on Paga.

Who can I send money to?

A user can send money to anyone who has a phone number (Nigerian number only), email address, or Paga account number. 

How does the Money Transfer feature work?

The Money Transfer feature leverages the power of secure payment codes to receive payments from any bank in Nigeria. Paga Merchants can request these secure payment codes by putting in an amount and tapping “Money Transfer”. The customer will treat the payment code as an account number and transfer the requested amount to it.

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