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Big Brother Naija: Understanding the dynamics of relationships | Paga

The complexity of human connections stems from its relevance to its realistic challenges. An arguable quote says, “(abeg) 99% of all problems can be solved by money.” Paga is an instant solution tool for requesting and transferring money between family and friends, with just a phone number.

From bonds between siblings or platonic friends to romantic and intimate connections, relationships are still not void of problems; after all, there is still the 1% problem that money cannot solve. For this reason, TV shows that truly highlight the range of human relations have our undivided attention.

The dynamic on Love Island is different from that of Blue Therapy, and is clearly not the same as what obtains with Love And Hip Hop. Each relationship showcased has a different taste, and the individuals involved display different character attributes that make for an interesting social experiment. 

One show that really shows how complex human relationships can be is the Big Brother Naija (Bbnaija) reality show. The seller of the game show is the expected outcome of keeping about 18 adults in one house for 3 months. The idea of the show is to capture–on live television–how relationships and alliances are formed based on value systems, goals, physical attraction, and personality types. 

The Different Dynamics of Relationships on Big Brother Naija

Girl Bonds

These alliances may exist for the purpose of  winning the game, but sometimes real friendships blossom and continue even after the show. In 2017, Bisola and T-Boss landed on rocky grounds in the early weeks of  Big Brother Naija: See Gobe, but they became friends after the show.  In 2020, Lucy and Ka3na got along really well on Big Brother Naija: Lockdown, but from the happenings at the Bbnaija reunion, it appears that they have some patching up to do.

The Bros

The boy bonds have also been observed on the show. Miracle and Tobi clicked in the early weeks of  Big Brother: Double Wahala, and they remained friends until the final day. On Big Brother Naija: Lockdown, Laycon and Kiddwaya got along quite well while the competition lasted, even though they shared an enemy  and a lover in one person.

Platonically Boy-Girl

With opposite-gender friendships, however, things can get a little complicated. The flow of events between Prince and Dorathy from the beginning of Big Brother Naija: Lockdown up until now suggests that boy-girl friendships might be tougher to maintain. . They had been on really good terms, but recently disclosed that they need to “re-evaluate” their friendship. (Abeg) Do you think a Paga transfer can save this ship?

Love Birds

The romantic relationships hold the most viewer attention. Cupid successfully shot arrows in the BBnaija game show.  The Erica-Kiddwaya dynamic was one of the major focuses of Bbnaija season 5.  They hit it off almost immediately, bluffing that it was “just cruise.” They have somehow managed to maintain a lowkey relationship after the show.Many suggest that it was easier for Erica and Kiddwaya to bond because they were both high-maintenance people. Paga is also a good maintenance tool for your money and relationships. Our e-wallet can safeguard your stash, and you can send bae gifts of cash.

No Friendly Zone

Rivalries make for good entertainment, and over the years, BBNaija  has seen some strong personalities square off against each other. Big Brother Naija: Pepper Dem had two of the season’s strongest contenders, Mercy and Tacha,at loggerheads with  each other. One of their major alterations resulted in the disqualification of  Tacha, who pulled Mercy’s hair. Mercy won  the competition, but Tacha has equally been successful. Mercy and Tacha have strong fan bases called the  Mercenaries and the Titans, respectively. In many ways, the rivalry exists, and just like Ronaldo and Messi, or Wizkid and Davido, the perceived ‘beef’ is fuelled by the fans.

What You Should Expect From Big Brother Naija Season 6

Another season of Big Brother Naija is coming soon, and it would be interesting to see how fans react to the new housemates. Each season, viewers make predictions, study which housemate is more entertaining, then start to support the one they identify with, and this year will be no different. Be sure to catch up with all the action and drama from the new season by subscribing to the relevant DSTV or GOTV packages. The best part is that you do not have to walk into an office to pay for a subscription: with a payment solution like Paga, you can easily sort out all your cable subscription needs from the comfort of your current location

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