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6 Films/Shows to Watch This August on DSTV, GOTV, Netflix, and YouTube | Paga

The summer holiday is well & truly upon us. It’s that time of the year when schools close for the long holidays, and a period of rest for many 9-5 workers. People who can afford to fly out of the country for a month-long vacation will probably book tickets to Dubai, but for many, it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with family, visit friends, and binge on their favourite TV shows.

Thankfully, there are streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube, as well as cable TV services like DStv and GOtv that provide an attractive catalogue and ensure that subscribers get full value for their money and data.

Paga gives you an easy means to connect to these platforms. With Paga you can pay for your data services on your mobile networks and internet providers, as well as subscribe for your DSTV and GOTV.


1. Big Brother Naija Season 6

 In 2020, DStv and GOtv subscribers were treated to premium entertainment as the drama on Big Brother Naija: Season 5 unfolded.

Fans took sides as they stayed glued to the action, and analysed the triangle involving Erica, Kiddwaya and Laycon. Some of the drama spilt into 2021, as the former housemates made their feelings known and went for each other’s throats at the recently-concluded Big Brother Naija Reunion. 

2. The Voice Nigeria

For those who love music, there has been so much talent on display in the ongoing third season of The Voice Nigeria: the contestants have amazing voices, the judges have maintained their high standards, and the fans are beginning to root fiercely for their faves on social media.


On the other hand, if you want cheesy romance, fast-paced explosive action, rib-cracking laughter, or the slow burn that is a psychological thriller, Netflix provides a range of options and caters to all these genres. On Netflix, there is something for everyone. 

3. Sex/life

People are currently raving about Sex/Life, a romantic TV series starring Sarah Shahi and Mike Vogel, in which a married woman expresses frustration about the lack of excitement in her sex life and begins to fantasize about her past with a sex-crazed former boyfriend. 

4. Rattlesnake

There is also a lot of buzz around the Nollywood action drama, Rattlesnake: The Ahanna Story. It is a  stylish remake of the 1993 classic of the same name, where a criminal mastermind assembles a team to pull off a series of heists but ends up making too many enemies.


Even if it’s mainly regarded as a music streaming platform, YouTube also caters to a very wide demographic, and the platform is home to some of the most watchable reality shows.

5. Blue Therapy

Blue Therapy follows black couples as they try to iron out the hiccups in their romantic relationships, and the episodes have generated intense conversations on social media: everyone and their mother has had a say on the issues between Paul and Chioma. 

6. Game On

Earlier in the year, Ndani TV’s YouTube channel kept Nigerian TV drama enthusiasts entertained with Game On, a web series that explores the travails of two couples: in one relationship the man is scared of taking things to the next level, and in the other relationship the wife is financially dishonest. With YouTube, there’s no such thing as a shortage of entertainment.

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It is easy to monitor data consumption with these service providers, and quickly top up at the push of a button with flexible payment solutions like Paga. That way, you can enjoy binging your favourite channels during the summer holidays with no interruptions whatsoever.

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