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Feature Comparison of Online Payment Apps in Nigeria: Paga, Abeg App, Carbon, Opay, and Patricia

What can Paga offer you as a payment service? We compare Paga with Abeg, Carbon, and others from the valid perspective of a customer in Nigeria. It’s time to find out the best money transfer service in Nigeria. What makes these five e-wallets different?

In 2010, queuing at the bank was a regular occurrence, with unending lines at ATMs. According to the International Monetary Fund, the ratio of Nigerians to an ATM was 100,000 to 16.92 ATMs, causing long lines at the bank. In Nigeria today, Online payment gateways like Paga have taken up the challenge to bank the unbanked, underbanked, and the banked. 

With apps like Paystack, Abeg app, Carbon, Opay, and Patricia, physical banking has adapted to the digital revolution. The Nigerian Fintech industry came about as a solution to the numerous challenges of physical banking. Adding to this, the increased use of mobile phones, the rapid growth of technology, and its endless possibilities, has presented an opportunity to create easy and simple solutions that foster efficient banking. Creating these solutions has become Paga’s driving force. Our goal is to make transactions safe and fast for 1 billion people through our mobile code, app, website, and agent network.

Feature Comparison Table For Paga, Abeg, Carbon, Opay, and Patricia

 As an online payment gateway in Nigeria, here are a few features that Paga has made available to create a seamless banking experience for you.

Pay Bills
Request Money
Transfer Money
Buy Data
Buy Airtime
Recurring payment
Receive Foreign Transfers

Although we can see several similarities between some of the existing apps from the featured deck above, Paga has successfully distinguished itself by offering a remarkable user experience. With over 10 years of experience, Paga has continually fulfilled the promise that its customers will have financial freedom.

Other Very Helpful Features of Paga e-Wallet

Some other useful features to spotlight are shortcuts, recurring payments, and bill payment reminders. With transfer shortcuts, you are guaranteed easy access to your most frequent transactions. Perform any transaction in one click while with recurring payments, customers can automatically set up monthly deductions for bill payments like DSTV, GOTV, Engie Energy, etc from their Paga e-wallet. With bill payment reminders, customers can also set up reminders to know when their bills are due for payments.

The Paga app is just a download away. Click here to download for your Android or iPhone.

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