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Winner of the Paga Girl Child Scholarship: Glorious Ikekhua

Glorious Ese Ikekhua

Closing the gender equality gap isn’t a walk in the park, and a part of our ethos at Paga is empowering women in achieving their career goals. In line with this, we’ve created the Paga Girl Child Scholarship scheme to strengthen our efforts in making life possible by promoting equality for women across different spheres of life — beginning with education.

Since we launched the initiative, first to our Agents, we received a lot of applications. All of which stood out in unique ways.

Today, we are proud to announce the first winner of the Paga Girl Child Scholarship: Glorious Ese Ikekhua!

Glorious is the daughter of a Paga agent, who we’ve recognized for her outstanding educational excellence and potential. We believe that awarding Glorious this scholarship is a step in the right direction in reaching her career goals. Throughout her study as a Political Science undergraduate at the University of Benin, Paga has committed to covering her tuition fees.

As an organisation supporting gender equality, we have achieved a gender distribution with 52% of our employees being women and 60% of the management team also women. We are proud to have built an inclusive and enabling environment for any individual to thrive irrespective of their gender.

Our appreciation goes to all the women who are constantly driving initiatives to achieve a gender-equal world across all political, social, and economical aspects of life.

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