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How Paga is Reducing Cash Handling to Slow The Spread of COVID-19

With the global coronavirus outbreak and its level of uncertainty, we’re pleased to share some of the measures we’ve taken to make life possible for Nigerians during this time.

We Made Adjustments to Our Fees

One of the steps to slow the spread of coronavirus is reducing cash handling. We adjusted our fees for instore merchant payments and money transfers. Merchants can save on transaction fees by accepting payments with Paga for Zero fees.

Customers can send money for free if sending to anyone using the recipient’s phone number or email address versus a bank account. Additionally, customers sending money to bank accounts also enjoy free money transfers for amounts below N5,000.

Accept Payments With Justpaga.me

Our innovative payment collections page is live and available to all Paga customers — JustPaga.me. All Paga customers are eligible to get a free customized web page they can send out to collect money from anyone who owes them. People paying can pay using their bank cards or Paga account.

Our Team Has Gone Remote

We decided to have our employees work remotely and also taken steps to implement social distancing in the few cases where remote work is currently not feasible. Paga has a team of over 500 employees based in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

Other precautionary measures we implemented include sensitizing over 25,000 businesses in our Agent network and providing them with educational materials to help them protect themselves and staff as well as enable their business continuity.

Stay Safe and Just Paga It! 🧡

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