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How We Celebrated Employee Appreciation Day

Remuneration and benefits are great, but making employees feel valued is just as important. While every day is Employee Appreciation Day at Paga, we took the opportunity of the first Friday in March— Employee Appreciation Day, to celebrate our employees and appreciate them for their work in making our workplace rock!

Why Is It Important to Appreciate Employees?

So They Feel Valued

Money is not the only factor that drives effort — For some people, it is, but sometimes it’s the little things that make employees feel appreciated. Putting in place a great employee experience is pivotal to us as a company.

Never underestimate the power of a few kind words. Even though our managers could always send an email, on Employee Appreciation Day, they put in a great deal of effort to share personalized and heartfelt handwritten notes for everyone on their team.

To Create a Stronger Company Culture

A company that is kind and constantly appreciative, increases individual happiness and morale. When employees feel recognized for their impact, it reflects in their commitment to the organization and this often extends to a larger team or group dynamic.

Our culture at Paga involves appreciating people for the great work they do. We use a platform called StarMeUp for employees to throw a company-wide recognition when acknowledging colleagues for their great work.

To Create A Positive Work Environment

A company rooted in appreciation breeds genuine happiness. Here’s a snippet of our CEO’s message to employees on Employee Appreciation Day:

I want to thank every single one of you for your valuable contributions to Paga’s growth. The success of our company is hinged on your skills, creativity, knowledge, and positivity. I am constantly amazed by the incredible passion and work of our team.

When you recognise an employee for their effort, it generates a positive and good feeling. This feel-good stimulus produces certain hormones that help in boosting productivity and in doing this, we are creating a positive work environment and getting more done.

Please, relish in our moments from this year’s Employee Appreciation Day.

Thank you for reading and special thanks to our Human Capital Team for making this happen! 🧡

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