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Celebrating Women in Business on International Women’s Day

Today, the world focuses its attention on women and girls to celebrate the social, economic and cultural achievements of women globally. Since the first celebration in 1911, March 8th has not only come a long way in celebrating the many success stories of women across the globe but it’s now a day that belongs to everyone, everywhere, including us at Paga!

Keeping with the theme, we’d like to put the spotlight on some inspirational women in business, who are leading in their roles and promoting a gender-equal world. From being leaders of Nigeria’s top wealth management companies to private equity, we celebrate women in business and some of their achievements.

Tokunboh sits on the Board of Paga and has played a great role in our growth to date. In 2019, she raised $72 million to invest in female-led businesses in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Zambia, and Lesotho. In an interview with Businessday, she iterated her mission to change the narrative around women empowerment in the investment space across Africa. As a company big on promoting gender equality, we are honoured to have Tokunboh in our corner.

Titi has led the creation of wealth management solutions that provide advisory, brokerage, fund management, and other investment services to individuals and businesses. Paga partnered with Sankore on one of its leading products — Wealth.ng, and one of the reasons we love the Wealth team is that it was built by a team of software developers with 50 percent women. It makes us glad to see women in tech ecosystem doing great work. Titi also believes that women are naturally good investors because they are risk-averse.

Eloho is a former investment banker and private equity investor, committed to helping companies and entrepreneurs grow. After 15+ years working in diverse companies in different stages, Eloho now runs Endeavor Global’s operation in Nigeria — where Paga’s founder and co-founder; Tayo Oviosu and Jay Alabraba are members. Eloho is dedicated to changing the narrative for women to become high-impact entrepreneurs and lead more companies. For her, if we want to see more high-growth companies with female founders, we need to ensure that we aren’t assessing women based on biases or unfounded assumptions.

And there you have it folks — three amazing women who are out there inspiring other women to spread their wings in the business world, and be the best women they can be!

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We are very honoured to be colleagues, friends, and partners of remarkable women and while we celebrate today, we hope you remember to appreciate the women around you today and every day.

Happy International Women’ Day!


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