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Introducing: Paga Developer Portal!

We are thrilled to announce our latest release — Paga Developer Portal.

As a frontier in mobile payments, we understand that sometimes businesses want to leverage their development expertise to build solutions and often these solutions will require a third-party integration. A part of our tech vision at Paga is to create an open ecosystem where we can engage closely with the developer community.

This is why we’ve built the Paga Developer Portal to serve as a home for passionate developers and innovators, offering a wide range of application program interfaces (APIs) for mobile and web development. The launch of the Paga Developer Portal supports our strategy for global expansion and opens access to technology and products built by Paga.

We also designed the portal to partner and help other startups and businesses meet the demands of consumers and merchants looking to pay and get paid.

API Documentation

APIs are products consumed by developers. Our goal is for developers to focus on creating innovative solutions while we worry about the payment aspect. Paga Developer Portal is creating access to our network and providing Developers fast, flexible and secured integrations through API libraries/SDKs that will help businesses integrate payment applications in minutes. Developers can now access Paga’s top payment products such as one-click payments, transactional reporting, business, and merchant APIs.

Interesting Features

Building the Paga Developer portal has been a task led by Paga’s global product and engineering teams. The platform is launching with key features which include:

  • API Libraries/SDKs to help developers integrate Paga Developer APIs in a matter of minutes.
  • A detailed API Documentation for reference purpose to help developers during integration.
  • API Reference/Sandbox that serves as a playground for developers to test Paga Developer APIs first hand before integrating them.
  • A forum to enable Paga engage with developers and more importantly for developers to interact with each other.


We’re launching our Developer blog to be your go-to destination for the latest Developer updates, tips and deep dives from a developer’s perspective. We’ll feature stories and interviews with people building amazing solutions through Paga APIs and tools.

Paga Developer Portal launched today with features above to allow partners to build innovative payment solutions. The portal is easy for Developers to get the necessary information to integrate and build any payment solutions they want. We are inviting Developers all over, looking to build products for the Nigerian market to visit www.paga.dev, for support on enabling payments on their products.

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