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Finishing the Decade Strong!

2019 was an eventful year for Paga. As we dive into our goals for the new year, we are taking a moment to thank you — our users, investors, partners, and merchants who were a part of our success this past year. You are what enables us to be Paga…Thank you!

How We Did In 2019

Q1 — Instore Merchants, the big 10 and World Remit

We launched our Instore Merchants Payments collections; one of the many ways we are enabling Nigerians to pay. We ended the year with over 500 stores accepting Paga for payments.

It’s been 10+ tremendous years of delivering access to financial services. We celebrated our 10 years anniversary in April— it was huge! Filled with a week-long of events with the team, our investors, partners, and agents. We couldn’t be more proud to share how we’ve touched over 14 million lives in 10 years.

We entered into a partnership with World Remit to provide Nigerians in the diaspora living in over 50 countries a great way to send money quickly and securely to millions of Paga users.

Q2 —Strengthening security and understanding our customers

We saw a need to establish a security engagement process flow in the Mobile Money ecosystem. So, we hosted pioneering security agencies across Nigeria to our first security workshop with the theme: “Security Organisations: What you need to know about mobile money and payment in Nigeria”.

To broaden improve our relationship with our customers, we carried out a customer satisfaction study online and offline, across all our customer touchpoints. This has also helped us in delivering customer-centered user experiences.

Q3 — Owning the numbers

We crossed a key milestone of N1.5 trillion in transaction value processed since commercial launch in August 2012! Paga processed over 35.5 million transactions worth N694 Billion ($2.3b). This makes it the first year we crossed a $2b transaction value processed in one year!

Q4 — The Paga App

Closing the year on a high, we launched the second version of the Paga App with many new exciting features/updates!

Our Key Learnings

In driving self-use of the Paga wallet, we gathered some interesting insights:

  • Our customer satisfaction drivers are our users understanding our range of relevant products and services.
  • We see an average of 10 transactions per second on Paga. So before you finish reading this, at least 10 people would have paid with Paga.
  • Over 50% of our customers say their lives have been improved using Paga.
  • Paga is quickly becoming a verb for customers’ access to financial services in the mobile money market — Just Paga It.

All Done

That wraps it up for our 2019 roundup! Moving on to 2020, we are excited that you remain a part of our purpose — to make it simple for one billion people to access and use money.

Here’s to an amazing 2020 🥂

#StayOrange 🧡

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