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Paga hosts its first Security Workshop in Lagos

Birthed from the need to establish a security engagement process flow in the mobile money ecosystem, we hosted pioneering security agencies across Nigeria to a workshop at Sheraton Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos.

Workshop theme:

“Security Organisations: What you need to know about mobile money and payment in Nigeria”

The workshop created an opportunity for security agencies in attendance to present three officers who were trained in the first series of the security summit in the Nigerian mobile money space.

We had an interactive session talking about the factors to be considered and procedures to be taken by security agencies when involved in mobile money agent related matters.

Industry professionals; Victor Olojo, President AMMAN (Association of Mobile Money Agents of Nigeria), Patience Abel Kalu- EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) and Assistant superintendent Police Akinwande Ogundana were some of the personnel in attendance.

Victor Olojo shared his thoughts on the workshop:

“The security forum put together by Paga is a major step in the right direction. Paga as a responsible company has taken the lead in sensitizing security operatives and other stakeholders on how the payment systems work in Nigeria. More encouraging for us as an association is that the measures taken will go a long way in correcting the many instances of harassment, intimidation and detaining of agents across the country over irregular payment issues beyond our control.”

Also speaking on the workshop was the Assistant Superintendent of the Nigerian Police; Akinwande Ogundana, he said; “This workshop is expository, informative and educative. It makes me understand more about the importance of mobile money operators’ in moving forward the economy of a nation like ours. The mobile money operators also enhanced the ease of doing business in the country and it made me to realize that there must be a good synergy between the operators and security agencies to enhance the safety of all Nigerians and foreigners in their businesses”

“At Paga, we constantly seek opportunities to learn and understand how payments are processed and other extraneous variables that could hinder a successful transaction. This security conference which will be held annually is a great opportunity for both Paga and security agencies to rub minds together and have a smooth working relationship. As a team, we are looking forward to this” — Jay Alabraba, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development, Paga.

We are very proud to officially launch this initiative — while we have kicked off in Lagos, we are also looking forward to taking this to other regions in Nigeria annually.

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