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A Paga Agent Launches a Financial Service Center in his Community

We passionately working to create access to financial services for Nigerians, one of our agents recently launched a one-story building fully dedicated to offering Paga’s services in his community!

Mr Mojeed Adeboyejo (Delight Communications) expressed his profound gratitude to the Paga Agent Business that has enabled him to make a true impact in his community over the years.

“I appreciate the outstanding support Paga has shown at the launch of my new outlet, the team has been very attentive and helpful in driving awareness around our community. The outreach will really help to increase the volume of my transactions.
I am very satisfied with all efforts that have been put together and I promise to do more transactions as an agent, remain fully committed and loyal, as well as recommend others to join the lovely Paga platform as an agent.”

Mr Adeboyejo has risen through the ranks from being a Paga agent in a regular-sized shop to owning a one-storey building — This new building will serve as a convenient location for people in his community to send money, deposit and withdraw money from the Paga wallet or any bank account, pay utility bills and access to other financial services.

Speaking at the building launch, Our National Manager, Agent Network Sales; Patience Gold said:

The launch of Delight Communications purpose-built edifice validates the vast opportunities in the Paga agency business, which is focused on making it simple for people to access and use money. Communities in Abeokuta can now take advantage of this outlet as a one-stop centre for access to financial services. Over the next few months, we are looking forward to launch similar outlet for other agents.

At Paga,we are building an eco-system of entrepreneurs that are enabled to provide their communities with easy access to financial services and because of our dedication to our agents, we have grown to be the largest shared agent network in Nigeria with over 18,000 agents widespread across all the 36 states.

The benefits of being a Paga agent is tremendous; from earning commissions and bonuses, to business support services, quality branding, loyalty packages and many more.

Best of it all? It is FREE to become an Agent — Simply send your name, location and phone number to agents@mypaga.com or signify interest HERE and a member of the team will reach out to you to get started!

Making Life Possible is our ethos at paga, and it is what keeps us committed to our mission of making it easy for 1 billion people to use and access their money. We are inspired by the stories of the community we are building and the people we are empowering by driving financial inclusion and providing simple financial access in the markets we serve.

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