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Introducing Our New Paga App!!

Yes, this is what we have been working on! We are so excited to finally reveal our new free money transfer app to you all!

Experience the easiest way to send money to ANYONE with a phone number or email address. Absolutely FREE. No hidden charges. 0% Transactions fees. 100% secure.

Download Now!

No preamble: Our new app is here and it’s awesome! We have created the simplest and easiest way to send money and request money from anyone only using:

  • Their email address or
  • Their phone number

Best of all, we aren’t charging any fees. Yup! You read that right! Just download the app, > create your account, > add your phonebook contacts, > link your preferred debit card or bank account, > and send money to your friends, family, vendors, etc, with NO fees attached!!!

You can also move money into your linked bank account for free! Need your cash? Withdraw at any ATM simply using a code, or withdraw at any certified Paga agent (first three withdrawals are free).

Basically, If you are thinking Venmo, then you are spot on!

Simple, easy to use, quick, convenient and FREE? sign me up!

Okay, here’s the scoop:

At Paga, we are always working to find more effective ways to make it simple to use and access money. The problem is simple:

In Africa (and surprisingly, many other parts of the world), we rely heavily on cash to carry out day to day transactions.

Despite the advancements in banking, internet & smart phone penetration, and development of digital financial solutions, we still have about 60 million unbanked Nigerians with no way to store, access and grow their money.

Our first solution to tackle this problem was to introduce mobile money and digital financial services to the Nigerian market via our agent network, especially to penetrate areas where the population was either unbanked or lacked access to the nearest available bank. With almost 17,000 agents and having served 9 million customers since we launched publicly, we continue to be unwavering in our mission to make it simple for EVERYONE to access and use their money to meet all their needs.

At Paga, we are making life possible:

Even more so, we continue to make sure that all the work we do lives up to our mantra of Making Life Possible — this is why it is important for our app to not only be simple enough for anyone to understand and easy to use, but also FREE. The incremental fees on money transfers may be easily absorbed when you send money once in a while — but quickly adds up if you are a business owner who has a constant flow of funds in and out of your account.

So is the new app simply the app version of Paga online?

Short answer is no.

We already know all the things you can do with Paga: Store money in your mobile wallet, link your cards and bank accounts, transfer money to anyone in Nigeria, agent, POS and ATM withdrawals, receive money from anywhere local and international, pay your bills and buy data and airtime.

While you can still perform any of these functionalities online, at our agents, and with short code *242#, our new Paga app is deliberately stripped to bare bones and simplified to two functionalities :

  1. Send money
  2. Request money.

Here’s why: When we mulled about what was most important to our customers, and how we could facilitate the ease of the most inconvenient part of using your money in Nigeria, we settled on a central idea: The discomfort with payments, the anxiety of declined transactions, the inflexibility of needing to know a persons bank account number & bank (sometimes even being required to register the recipient before being able to transfer the money) and the worry about whether the money you sent has been received by your recipient.

The answer seemed pretty simple. Putting the user experience first, we decided to solve the payment problem. All you need to know is a person phone number or have their email address, and you can easily send the money you owe, or request for money from any user, whether they have a Paga account or not. And we guarantee 100% success rate with all transactions.

Paga to Paga ALWAYS works.

What if I already have a bank account?

The Paga App acts as a compliment to your bank account — you will be able to link your bank account and link multiple cards, that way, you are able to manage your money from one central location.

Can I send money to someone who doesn’t have a Paga account?

Yes! If your recipient does not have a Paga account, they will receive a notification and instructions on the single step they need to take to access the money, and you will receive a confirmation once the recipient has claimed the money.

psst… Requesting money is SO easy with JustPaga.Me!

You can create a customized link that enables you to easily request money from anyone. The person gets a link to your JustPaga.me page where they can pay you with their Paga account, debit card, or direct bank debit. This is especially handy for small business owners (think, JustPaga.me/BimboCakes, Justpaga.me/reelfruit, or Justpaga.me/Femishoes); Now you can request money from your customers with a single link and they can easily pay you from a paga account, debit card, or direct bank debit.

Functionality aside, our app looks pretty cool:

In building this app we ensured that all images are of the best quality, we used the most visually appealing color combinations and fonts and most important, we kept it elegant and simple. It boasts faster loading time and high performance, a social feel, unique interface and ease of use to all existing and new customers.

Next time you need to send anyone money, use Paga. When you get to a store and see the Paga available here sign, be confident your payment will go through, #justPagait. No issues. When someone owes you money, request money from them. Make it easy for them to remember and pay you back. No more awkward conversations. #JustPagame

Enjoy Freedom now!

Don’t wait for another second, head to your App Store (Google Play store & iOS App Store) to download the Paga App and begin to enjoy a seamless way to send and receive money for free!

P.s. You can still use your Paga wallet online or via *242# to deposit to banks, pay bills, or buy airtime. You can also setup recurring payments online. We will bring these services to a mobile app experience soon…

Do you have further questions or feedback? Feel free to reach out to our customer experience team promptly.

-Paga Team

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