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How CSR is Helping to Strengthen Our Work Culture.

Corporate social responsibility can have an impact on an organisation’s reputation; it creates an avenue for companies to integrate and align their mission and purpose to social and environmental goals. But have you ever thought of the effects it can have on employees?

Recent studies from different parts of the world have found that employees are more likely to work for companies committed to CSR and work in roles that make social and environmental impact . Research also shows a positive correlation between CSR and employee performance.
Engaging your team in CSR activities is a great way to improve company culture. However, in order to encourage participation, employees need to feel that they have a say in choosing who benefits from their employer’s CSR efforts and also in the way in which the project runs, which will ensure that they are personally invested and committed to the cause.

At Paga we are aware of the importance of actively involving our employees in CSR activities. Two of our employees’ share how being a part of the KHAN Foundation project inspired them

“As a passionate designer with keen interest in problem solving and environmental sustainability, I see any opportunity to impact lives and solve human centric problems as a big deal. Makoko is a Lagoon side community with minimal educational and infrastructural facilities. Paga partnered with Khan Foundation to change this status quo by renovating and furnishing some classrooms for the community children. It was exciting, fun-filled, and fulfilling for me as part of the Paga team involved in this life changing activity. I particularly helped with the painting and creative direction of the interior spaces.” ~ Tunde

“Visiting Makoko was exciting yet surreal, it was amazing to see the great things Paga and Khan foundation set to achieve in the Makoko community. It was rewarding seeing the smile on the kids; they were really exciting to watch and had so much energy.
While we were helping with the painting of the classroom some of the kids gathered regardless of the surrounding started practicing their alphabets, singing nursery rhymes and generally showing their enthusiasm to learn. I would love to continue to visit them and see the progress they make, and also assist in their learning whichever way possible.” ~ Faysal

Paga’s partnership with KHAN Foundation was built to reinforce Paga’s core essence, which is Making Life Possible. Follow us on our social media pages to keep up with our progress.

Making Life Possible is our ethos at paga, and it is what keeps us committed to our mission of providing inclusive financial services for all Nigerians. With over 16,000 agent outlets and 9 million+ customers, we are inspired by the stories of the community we are building and the people we are empowering by making life possible every single day.

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