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Make Hump Day Work For You!

Dictionary meaning:

Hump Day — [North American] informal: Wednesday, regarded as the midpoint of a typical working week.

For most people, hump day can be the most draining day of the week. You are still reminiscing about the amazing “owanbe” you attended over the weekend , while your week’s tasks at work are still in your face, with the weekend yet so far away. At the point, more than ever, you need all the motivation you can get to get through the week.

So we have a bullet list of productivity tips to help you through the week:

  • Refocus on things you need to achieve by the end of the week — Restarting is a good approach to staying energized and productive for the rest of the week. Reflect on the things you’ve achieved and then set a new energy for the new tasks you want to take on.
  • Make a to-do list — Having a to-do list is a simple way to track your progress on different tasks. It helps you have a sense of progress and knowledge of what is left to do. [Always include due dates to your to-do lists]. You can try out Asana or Evernote for free.
  • Regulate the hours you work — [explore the “Pomodoro” technique]
  • Prioritize the most complex ones — Crossing out the most complex task on your to-do list can be the most satisfying feeling. Starting out with the most complex ones earlier in the week, will help you have an easier hump day and see through the week.
  • Set rewards for yourself per task completed — A self appreciation for the work you’ve done so far is a simple way to keep you happy and motivated to do more. Perhaps a portion of BBQ chicken wings should be a good reward[feel free insert whatever works for you].
  • Unwind after work — Sometimes, you get really exhausted from the day’s work and great way to clear your mind and avoid mental exhaustion is figuring out an after-work fun routine.

Explore these tips to correct the course of your week, make hump day work for you by approaching the week with a purpose rather than dread it — and best part… it’s almost the weekend!

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