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What Millennials Want At The Workplace

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“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” ~ Confucius.

Today more than ever young professionals pay particular attention to how and where they earn their living. Never before have a set of people given so much care to how their day life is spent; which makes sense when you realize that the average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime.

Millennials are like no other generation before, unlike the baby boomers and generation X; studies have shown that we are more progressive, driven to achieve, and literally strive to live our best lives– we are very much about that work-life balance.

Apart from the desire to earn a decent income, we care about acquiring the skills and knowledge we need to grow both personally and professionally, so we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities that afford these. Most millennials expect to have multiple careers in their lifetime; I’ll bet you know someone below 30 who is aspiring to start his/her own “thing” alongside a 9-to-5 and has already switched jobs at least twice.

More than anything, millennials want to know that an organization cares about their wellbeing on a personal level. We all want to feel like we are genuinely a part of something big. There are also those who place great importance on having a sense of purpose within an organization; this might mean being able to feel as though one is a small piece of what makes a bigger picture in the organization i.e. a part of the organization achieving its goal. Some other people believe so much in the impact and contribution which their organization is making within the community that it becomes a source of motivation.

At Paga, there is room to experience both which is really amazing; you get to have a sense of ownership and believe that your contribution matters while also impacting lives, whether it’s through helping to provide stationery for kids for a non-profit, in order to assist their learning process, or ensuring that Paga agents are available in remote parts of the country to serve communities with no access to financial services.

There’s a tight bond and a sense of togetherness between team members and the entire organization as a whole. There is an air of excitement and ginger among every member of the team. I think it generally comes from having the opportunity to work with people who constantly inspire you to be creatively expressive and who are open to listening to ideas that you have to offer.

As a millenial who is making sure to live life deliberately; to live in my purpose, to be impactful, and to find meaning in all that I do, I am glad I chose Paga as a place to work.

Bolanle, Marketing team

Making Life Possible is our ethos at paga, and it is what keeps us committed to our mission of providing inclusive financial services for all Nigerians. With over 15,000 agent outlets and 8 million+ customers, we are inspired by the stories of the community we are building and the people we are empowering by making life possible every single day.

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