The popular phrase “Light is life” is something everyone can totally relate with and generally, scientists were largely fascinated by light, even Albert Einstein was so fascinated by light that it led him to propose E=MC (square), the study of photon and the wave of light. Pause, just so you know, all those facts were looked up on google.

…Moving on. For some people, light may have revolutionized societies through medicine, communications, entertainment and culture.

But to the average Nigerian, light may mean just a light bulb to get by daily, that also enables other domestic and trading activities.

Paga team present at the Sabon Gari- Rensource Energy Office.

This is what spurred the initiative by the Rural Electrification Agency, working with Rensource Energy to provide over 12,000 shops in Sabon Gari Market in Kano — one of the largest markets in Nigeria with clean and affordable solar energy and we are proud to handle all payments collection for this project!

With over 500 shops currently enjoying stable and affordable power supply during opening hours [first phase of deployment], we are seamlessly helping shop owners with easy, convenient and safe channels to make payments via Paga.

Paga team present at the Sabon Gari- Rensource Energy Office.

Speaking on this Project, Managing Director & CEO, Rural Electrification Agency (REA), Damilola Ogunbiyi explains:

Developing the first and largest virtual power plant in Africa is extremely exciting, when the project is completed the 1.3 MW standalone solar system project will generate clean and sustainable energy to over 12,000 SMEs’. The initiative will provide efficient, clean and sustainable power to traders and shop owners in each of the four target markets- Sabon Gari, Aba, Somolu printing community and Sura shopping complex to boost their productivity.

Jay Alabraba, Paga’s Co Founder and Director of Business Development commenting on the partnership with Rensource & REA said:

Paga’s partnership with Rensource alongside REA is really exciting. Off-grid solar systems will significantly improve the lives of Nigerians in all aspects and as more priority is being given to major markets, SME’s will be able to enjoy affordable, reliable and easy access to power supply that will allow for the smooth running of their businesses. We look forward to partnering with more PayGo solar companies in Nigeria. This is an area of great interest to Paga.

That being said, we are definitely not resting on our laurels as we continue to make life possible for millions of Nigerians daily.

Two, four, two clap?…Lol that’s just a word play to remind you that *242# is just a dial away from quick & convenient payments with Paga.

Thank you!

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