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Meet David — Empowering Youth Through Wheelbarrows

Paga provided the funds needed for the production of the wheelbarrows and in addition, set David up to be a Paga agent for FREE.

When we carried out our #MakingLifePossible contest in April, we were amazed by the inspiring stories people sent from across the country. When the contest ended, we realized that each of the stories we received deserved to be shared and celebrated.

One of the people who participated is David, a trader in Oyingbo Market, Lagos.

When we first met David, he said:

I noticed that in our country Nigeria, poverty is prevalent. For example, there was this man that walked up to me one day to beg for help. He asked me to assist him #300 to start a “pure water” trade. That with it, he will stop begging for alms and create a money making source. I was greatly moved and offered him my help. From time to time, he comes around to thank me for my assistance.

David entered the contest for assistance to provide wheelbarrows for youths to make little income — helping traders and customers move their goods from one place to another. David’s goal was to keep youths away from crime and improve the community. In this present economic situation, that’s a great way to think!

Did David achieve this goal? Yes, and even more!

We saw the amazing effort David was making, shared in his goal and also saw the need to make financial services available in his community because there are no banks around and traders had to go a distance to deposit their daily income into their bank account.

Paga provided the funds needed for the production of the wheelbarrows and in addition, set David up to be a Paga agent for FREE.

Now, David can keep youths off the streets with the wheelbarrows provided for them to make daily income and also help people in his community pay their bills, send money and make deposits into their bank account.

David’s words of appreciation to Paga

My appreciation goes to Paga for organizing this competition, never believed such could have come up and be real, when I first mentioned it to my wife that I was a winner, she told me it was a scam but because I’ve had cause to pay my GOtv subscriptions on Paga platform through their agents, I never had a doubt. Now with all the events past by she is now Paga’s №1 fan. My appreciation again goes to Paga for making me an agent all expense paid, also my gratitude goes to all the never tiring staffs for their welcoming attitude. My dream of poverty alleviation was boosted with purchase of three wheelbarrows to keep the youths busy vista vis making the society crime free. Thank you for making life possible.

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