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Life is Possible…Even on Holidays

Photo by Chris Knight on Unsplash

I was at the Barbers Shop to get my haircut; a man also came in to do the same. Moments later this gentle man who just walked in (waiting for his turn to get his hair cut) started to complain about him not being able to purchase airtime — as shops around did not open.

It was quite a delight to tell him I could sell/transfer airtime of any amount to him — directly to his phone number, any network.

He was excited — and he asked HOW?

It’s possible with Paga I said. Ohhh Paga!!! He exclaimed.

It was great talking to him about Paga and how he can get on board. We logged on to mypaga.com, bought the airtime and he made his call.

Interestingly, the barber was astonished as he mentioned — ‘sharp sharp’ the airtime don enter — nice one Oga!

  • Frank Adewusi
Photo by Chris Knight on Unsplash
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