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Financial Inclusion: Paga Agent Network records 12,000 entrepreneurs.

Paga Agents at the Megastar Agents Retreat

The Paga Agent Network started in 2009 with our mission to transform lives by delivering innovative and universal access to financial services in Africa. Today, we couldn’t be happier to tell you how far we’ve come — our Agent network has successfully grown from a small unit of mobile money agents to the largest financial services network in Nigeria.

As at July 2017, we have empowered and grown our Agent network with over 12,000 Nigerian entrepreneurs and MSMEs — making the Paga Agent Network the strongest and most active financial agent network in Nigeria

Paga Agents at the Megastar Agents Retreat

In 2016, we joined the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Business Call to Action with a pledge to further expand our network of local entrepreneurs to 40,000 across the country. Our daily motivation is working to fulfil this pledge and continue as the leading Agent network for growing and developing entrepreneurs and small business owners to make a measurable impact in the communities they serve and beyond. The Paga Agent Network offers convenient locations for customers to send money to anyone, deposit money to any bank account, withdraw money from bank accounts, and pay bills.

To be Nigeria’s fastest-growing and most active Agent Network is an honour said Arike Okunowo, General Manager, Agent Network and Sales, Paga. Watching the network grow over the years has been a fulfilling experience. While it’s growing, our mission remains unchanged — to transform lives by delivering innovative and universal access to financial services. We will continue to grow this network to empower businesses and create immense value for ordinary citizens who are desirous of making payments without hassles.

The Paga Agent Network has been recognized by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund as the fastest-growing Agent Network for its role in driving financial inclusion in Nigeria. Paga in partnership with Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) is promoting entrepreneurship and employment growth by providing an accessible loan service to Paga Agents.

In Paga’s effort to drive deeper financial inclusion in Nigeria, we created a shared-agent network with NIPOST, making financial services available at all NIPOST offices.

Businesses; Dangote, Ikeja Electric, Eko Electricity, UK Immigration and 5000 more have leveraged the strength of the Paga Agent Network in cash disbursement and collections for their businesses.

At Paga, we are moving to expand our Agent network to 40,000 across Nigeria by 2018, connecting even more remote and urban areas with financial services while supporting ten thousands of small businesses.

Are you someone who is…

  • Committed to making an impact on the lives of others?
  • Eager to grow your income?
  • Interested in becoming a Paga Agent?
  • Looking to grow a local business?

If this sounds like you, and would love to learn more, click here or send your name, phone number and location to agents@mypaga.com. A member of our team will help you get started!

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