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Paga is truly transforming Nigerian lives and businesses through the Paga Agent Network

We are proud to announce our continuing commitment to grow small businesses and transform lives through the Paga Agent Network.

For 8 years, the Paga Agent Network has helped retail entrepreneurs and SMEs grow their business robustly and earn substantial commissions by simply offering financial services via the innovative and secure Paga platform, in all states across Nigeria. Our Agents have proven to be invaluable assets in their communities because of their critical role in meeting the financial and payment needs of their communities.

Paga Agent — Showdeck

Paga Agents are core pillars of the success of financial inclusion in Nigeria. With 11,600 agents, Paga has the single largest and most active network of financial access points in Nigeria, this compares to the 5,358 branches of all banks in Nigeria combined.

The Paga Agent Network is the bank branch of the future.

This is a remarkable vision and one that we take enormous pride in. In the coming months, Paga Agents will also serve as access points for opening financial accounts such as saving and loan accounts

 Tayo Oviosu, Founder & CEO, Paga.

Our commitment to making life possible for Nigerians is reflected in the positive benefits and immeasurable impact in the lives of our Agents. Paga Agents enjoy substantial commissions which provide them the opportunity to increase income to improve their lives and businesses from money transfers and bill payments made on behalf of other Nigerians on Paga. High transacting agents have the opportunity to earn above N300,000 monthly.

Paga Agent, Blue Heritage Resources & Tayo Oviosu

Speaking on the satisfaction with Paga’s substantial Agent commission, Blue Heritage Resources said;

Paga has helped me solve problems for people in my community. I help them pay their bills and send money to their people around Nigeria. One of my major customers is an okada rider who has his family in the North. After the day’s work, he comes to my outlet to send money to his family for feeding and upkeep. I also provide for my family with the income I make from transacting for Paga. Presently, I have an average of 50 people coming in my store daily to perform transactions on Paga. With Paga, I earn up to N200,000 or more every month, which gives me more money to support my business. My business operations have been smooth and now I have more customers patronising me.

The Paga Agent Network fosters an engaging and empowered community by periodically rewarding the best transacting agents with life-changing offers. We also provide Agents loyalty benefits, affordable branding, a dedicated customer service channel, and easy technology enabled platforms for quick transactions.

Rewarded Agents at the Megastar Agent Retreat

When we created the Paga Agent Network in 2009, we resolved to stay true to our values and commitment to making life possible for all Nigerians. Besides driving the goal of becoming a bigger company, for the past 8 years we have primarily been about making the lives of our Agent network members better. This gives us the motivation to grow our Agent network because there is a lot of value we want all retail entrepreneurs and SMEs to benefit from. Our Agents are part of our success as a company and we are equally proud to welcome and retain extraordinary agents who commit themselves to driving financial inclusion in Nigeria.— General Manager of Paga Agent Network Sales, Arike Okunowo.

Paga Agents visit to the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund

You too can be a part of the strongest and trusted financial agent network in Nigeria and make life possible for people around you. So join the Paga Agent Network today and improve your financial status. Get started with your phone number here.

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